Public meeting for Monongahela’s “WALKWORKS” Active Transportation Planning Project. The discussion has been underway all year, and our team of planners has gathered significant input, but we still want to hear from everyone!


There will be a public meeting on: 
Monday, May 22nd, 
at Monongahela Fire Hall 
(W. Main St. at 5th St.), 


You are cordially invited to attend and give us your thoughts. This will be structured as an “Open Meeting,” meaning you can arrive at 5PM or come by later, when you are available (up to 7PM). We will have handouts, maps, and other materials so we can discuss our Monongahela streets, walkways, paths, accommodations, public transit, and related topics together. The consulting team members will be available to hear your concerns and discuss your ideas individually or in small groups.

  • Are there intersections where you have a difficult time crossing the street?  
  • Are there tripping hazards along the routes you walk from day to day?  
  • Do you use a mobility aid and encounter barriers you would like to tell the team about?  
  • How can we make the City friendlier to bicycles and other wheeled devices?  
  • What do you think of our public bus service?
  • Do we have enough bike racks where they are needed?

If you didn’t fill out our online survey yet, we will help you find your way to it. The deadline for completing the survey and putting your comments electronically on the interactive map (with flags to mark the spot) has been extended until June 22nd. If you need a paper copy, or know someone who does, please tell us so in the comments below.  

This project will produce a final document by September (in draft form by July) which the City will adopt as its plan for improving our community’s pathways and active ways of moving around.


Adopting the plan will help encourage Downtown shopping. It will help children get to local parks and playgrounds, and it will help clear paths for strollers as well as wheelchairs. It will help to make it safer to move around on foot, by bike, or other wheeled devices.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), several regional planning commissions, the transit authority, schools, healthcare professionals, walkers, runners, bicyclists, people who use mobility aids, City Council, the Chamber, Main Street shops, and others, they’ve all been part of the discussion so far.

See you Monday!

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