Participating Store Map

We have made a Google map to make it easy to find every store participating in the 2023 World of Chocolate Tour. Just click here to check it out!

Baskets, Prizes and more!

Announcing the five baskets of chocolate that you’ll have a chance of winning if you shop in Downtown Monongahela tomorrow (Saturday, May 13th, from noon to 4PM).

Carol Provan and the family Janet Roslund and Norm Candelore, have done a fantastic job getting these prize baskets ready. The basket from the Board of Directors of the Monongahela Main Street Program has candy from all around the world (think Toblerone and Ferraro, Lindt and Cadbury, Pirouettes and Kinder Eggs, and Andes Mints to represent Peru). The basket called “Good Morning Chocolate” is just everything with chocolate in it that you might ever have for breakfast, like cocoa (and a mug to make it in) and Nutella, chocolate chip muffin mix, and a bag of Hostess Donettes. One basket is full of Girl Scout Cookies, and the basket even contains a cookie jar. One basket is chocolate geared to wishing someone a happy Mother’s Day, including long-stem roses made from chocolate and wrapped in red foil. And the fifth one is quite heavy, being chock full of various kinds of chocolate from the Sarris Candy Company.

The rules for the World of Chocolate Shopping Tour are very simple. You just go shopping, Downtown or in any of the 34 participating stores, including a few that are not right Downtown. While you’re on West Main Street near Third Street, be sure to go from store to store, and buy at least one item to get your ticket (or tickets – if you buy multiple things in multiple stores) to enter the drawings. From noon till 4PM, there will be a “golden box,” a box covered in gold foil wrapping paper, at our MMSP World of Chocolate headquarters (the headquarters will be a two tables and two tents in front of PNC Bank). This will be where you drop your ticket stub after you filled it out (be sure to write your name and phone number legibly).

At 4PM, Mayor Greg Garry will pull five winning tickets from the Golden box to determine who has won the five huge baskets of chocolate. You need not be present to win, although sometimes a nice big crowd gathers to watch the mayor pull the numbers. Be prepared to come back to Third and West Main to get your prize if we call you around 4:15 (make sure that phone number’s legible!). See you there!

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