100 Block – Grand Reopening Block Party for Main Street Gypsy at Their New Location

Main Street Gypsy, 168 W. Main St. (across from Italian Villiage) Monongahela PA

Main Street Gypsy, your Downtown Monongahela store for jewelry, women’s clothing, and gifts of all types, will have a grand reopening tomorrow (Saturday, 22 April) from 10 AM to 4 PM. Other nearby stores will participate; outdoor food, music, and other things will make it a fun event.

Our Best to the MVAA in Their New Digs!

The Mon Valley Academy for the Arts will have a grand opening tomorrow (Saturday, 22 April) from 11 AM to 2 PM to introduce people to their new headquarters building on Brownsville Avenue in Brownsville.

Dusty’s Discounts Rides Again!

Yes, the rumors are true. Dusty’s Discounts, our mixed merchandise discount store, has reopened some 70 days (!) after the shop was destroyed in the disaster when the water main broke on lower Fourth Street on January 26th and flooded the historic Yohe Building.

Dusty’s Discounts reopens. (click image to enlarge)

While Dusty’s was only one of twelve tenants (4 storefront spaces and eight apartments) in this historic building, it was the only tenant where a first-story shop extended down into a finished lower-level space. As most of our readers will remember, that lower level space was completely flooded, up to and above the basement ceiling. As the flood reached a level a few inches to a foot above the upper-level floor line of the four first-story storefronts, some readers will remember that the water started gushing through the building’s walls.

Four more storefronts and four more apartments were also affected in the Essee Flats Building, including Zimmer Printing and Little City Coffee. And also, around the corner, Rabe’s Trading Post was affected as sales fell off while the street and parking surfaces were blocked or torn up all around their building.

And all of this is not to mention Wool & Wick and Ezzy Mart, the two new shops that were due to open any day when the disaster occurred in January – Ezzy Mart has still not opened but will be opening soon. It took weeks to dry most of these spaces out and to replace electrical meters and other utility components. Still, in three of the four Yohe Building storefronts, it took two months to replace the plaster, flooring, and other finishes.

Dusty’s is your discounted retail destination store for many things, from toys and Kitchen Aid mixers, candles, and perfumes, to umbrellas, small kitchen gadgets, and certain kinds of candy. Dusty’s has one of the only two coin-operated “bubble gum machine”-type candy dispensers we currently have Downtown (the other is at Sambol’s Bakery and Candy Shop). Dusty’s is a great place to head to if you need a “gift” but you haven’t decided yet what kind of gift you might want to give.

Tattoo Savior Is Coming Right Along

The water main affected Tattoo Savior differently from what happened at the other flooded locations. While Dusty’s lost walls, floors, ceilings, and piles of merchandise, the flood destroyed some VERY expensive equipment at Tattoo Savior, equipment that can not be allowed to get wet or be in a location where the temperature drops below freezing, both of which happened at this storefront business.

Tattoo Savior, 408 W. Main St., Monongahela PA

While we have four other tattoo shops here in the Monongahela-New Eagle business corridor, Tattoo Savior had the distinction of doing a considerable portion of its business in removing tattoos with a special laser machine (the equipment currently out of service). (The floor and bottom section of drywall partitions also had to be rebuilt in this storefront location.) However, Dan Bires, the owner, has rounded up enough equipment that, as of a week or two ago, he reopened his business for the first time since the January 26th disaster. He can now make tattoos but is not set up yet for removing them.

Ezzy Mart Starts Moving in Next Week

The Ezzy Mart owners are expected to begin moving into their space in the Yohe Building next week. The damaged floor and bottom edges of the walls have been rebuilt, and the coolers and shelving are in place, so watch for merchandise going in through the front door soon.

Save Our Shops

Save Our Shops (S.O.S.) is the name of a discount promotion that the Monongahela Main Street Program has launched to get shoppers circulating again now that Dusty’s Discounts has reopened. The promotion involves coupons that you will receive (or may ask for) while patronizing stores that are members of the Monongahela Main Street Program but were not affected by the water main break.

As you shop in these ten or so stores, you will receive coupons that you can use for a $1 off discount on merchandise in four of the affected stores. Dusty’s Discounts, Little City Coffee, Wool and Wick, and Rabe’s Trading Post are the four stores where you can redeem the coupons. Coupons are available at CJ’s Furniture, Uncommonly Beautiful, Main Street Gypsy, Noel’s Primitives, Tattoos and Treasures, Di’s Deli, Sambol’s Bakery, Sweets by Mrs. C, Angelo’s II, PNC Bank, Leighanna’s Closet, DeVore Hardware, Red Boot Antiques, and Detorre’s Pizza.

Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.

Washington Irving


We have Gyros! …until 6 or 7 PM, at the Dierkens Pharmacy Parking lot, Main Street at Park Avenue, across from Sheetz. Say hello to Oussama. Tell him you saw it here.

Interesting Things

Our community has been through some interesting things lately. Almost all of the unusual stuff mentioned below have happened since January 26th.

Several water main breaks over the last couple of years culminated in a break that caused a massive flood in two buildings, affecting the Yohe Building most of all. This resulted in a loss of merchandise and some costly equipment. People from eight apartments in the Yohe Building and four in the Essee Flats Building had to relocate for an average of about 3-4 weeks. The Essee Flats shops (Zimmer Printing, Little City Coffee, etc.) could not reopen for a week, and two or three shops in the Yohe Building remained closed to business for about 70 days. Surrounding stores lost business due to blocked parking, and two new shops moving in could not open on schedule.

In wildly varying weather, storms knocked over trees and shut off most of our city’s power systems for several days. And then we’ve had delivery trucks at Rite Aid knocking over things like electric signs and pulling down electrical lines and utility poles, including about six poles on Chess Street 10 days ago. And a vehicle hit the freshly painted dive-through canopy at Key Bank a couple of months ago, resulting in months of redesign and construction.

And a vehicle hit the front of Two-and-a-Fry, destroying an exterior sign and knocking the exterior and interior sides of a frame wall out of alignment. And that’s just the beginning of an even longer list. (At least it’s nothing compared to the lockdown underway some three years ago at this time of year due to the COVID pandemic.)

Open House at the Grange

The Ginger Hill Grange held an Open House on Thursday, April 13th, with a special guest speaker. It was a successful event. About 30 people came to hear Dan Matesich speak about Backyard Fruit Growing. The Ginger Hill Grange Hall is located at 3389 Rt.136, Finleyville (just west of Monongahela, a short distance past the Rt.43 exit, but has a Finleyville postal address). The building is a beautiful piece of architecture designed by local architect George Yohe who lived in a converted barn a block or two away from the building until he passed away in 1968.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.


Flowers of Different Kinds

Since our last edition of Weekly Pointers (which, I admit, was more than a week ago), many different kinds of spring flowers have passed before our eyes. Flowering trees, daffodils and tulips, violets, and forsythia…

And it’s “redbud season” here in the Mon Valley, which reminds me to mention that a little over 30 years ago, a campaign was underway to sell redbud saplings so these beautiful magenta trees could become more of a symbol of our valley. The redbud trees are native here, but the idea was to make them so familiar here in public places that we could one day have a spring “redbud” festival throughout the valley (something like Washington D.C.’s famous Cherry Blossom Festival).

The idea was promoted by a committee of about six different chambers of commerce and other Mon Valley institutions that had begun meeting to discuss ideas to increase tourism here.

Among many others, Sally Kearnan, who was then a relatively new resident, pushed the idea forward. And Jim Shucolksy, of Homer City, Pa., who was then working with the Mon Valley Progress Council, became an important player because he lived near commercial orchards where the saplings could be obtained in quantity. Roy Sarver’s organization, Mon Valley T.O.U.R. (Tourism to Organized to Unite Our Resources), was a key player, and Tish Cardis promoted the idea as a Mon Valley TOUR staffer.

The campaign was called “Red Up The Mid-Mon Valley,” and it included a litter clean-up component. Part of the intent was to get about a half dozen different Chambers of Commerce to work together on something (Elizabeth, Monongahela, Donora, Monessen, Charleroi, Rostraver, California, and Brownsville – and a couple of other places, all had chambers of commerce or similar groups that participated). Many other people were involved, and 1,000s saplings were sold and planted.

The festival idea is still possible, but many of the project’s goals are now being achieved in other ways. But maybe by next year, we can re-launch some version of this far-reaching campaign.

Our 50th New Store Downtown!

Some people have occasionally questioned my math when I say how many stores have opened Downtown in the last few years. (I don’t blame anyone for questioning it – because it seems incredible.) Therefore, I include a list at the bottom of each edition of Weekly Pointers.

Yes, it’s also true that some things are a little hard to count. In addition to the stores listed below, about ten other stores have come and gone, like Lightworks Studio, Mon Valley Photo, and Lotus Collective. Barber Nicolo Rigano recently moved to the Pittsburgh area, but until this current edition, I kept his line of hair care products on the list as a separate business (a different business he had started while working at Main Street Barber) because they were sold from Main Street Barber where he worked until about a month ago – that business’s name has now been removed from my list.

About ten other longstanding stores closed in the last few years, creating space for some shops on the list below, including Davis Travel, Farmers Insurance, Memory Tree Yarn Shop, and Just 4 You Gifts and Cards.

Also, some stores have gone in and out of an alternating pattern where they were in a bricks-and-mortar space and then went back to being an online shop, and these, if they are local, have stayed on the list (such as Bella Bug Bootique, which has had two different bricks-and-mortar locations, each for a short period, in the last couple of years, but as a well-advertised online shop, they are one of the local entities in the retail business of selling clothing to local residents).

Some other shops have consolidated, such as when The Bubblery Pittsburgh moved into the back of Di’s Home Town Deli – but these are still two separate businesses. In all, it’s fair to say (after accounting for the older shops that have closed) that the net gain has been about 35-40 new stores.

However, on my list (at the bottom of this post) I have East Main Street, Main Street New Eagle, and some new businesses in Carroll Township listed separately (they have been given higher numbers on the list than the West Main Street businesses, which throws off the chronological aspect of the numbering). This may be deceiving. There are 51 businesses that I know of that have opened since 2016 and are still operating.

Because of the way they are numbered, the ones numbered as 41, 42, and 43 should have those numbers if the list just includes West Main Street in Monongahela, but they are the 49th, 50th, and 51st ones on the list when all the businesses are listed together in chronological order.

And the 50th New Store in Town Is…. Fast Lane Auto Service!

The 50th business on that list is Fast Lane Auto, located at 1237 West Main Street (the garage behind LaVie Nail Salon, in the back of the plaza that contains Fox’s Pizza and Dollar General). The phone number is (412) 689-8217, and the email address is FastLaneAuto412@Gmail.com. Also check out their Facebook page.

Ermin (“Tito”) Mesanovich, who lives in the northern part of the South Hills of Pittsburgh, operates this new auto repair business. Ermin was born in the United States shortly after his parents came to this country to escape the war in their native Bosnia. His parents were in business for some time in Mt. Oliver, operating a grocery business that imported specialty foods from Europe, although they have since relocated to other parts of the country.

Ermin, or “Tito,” as some call him, seems like a very solid gentleman, someone you might enjoy visiting with or doing business with if you drop in on him sometime in the back of the plaza behind LaVie Nails. He might even tell about his other experience with television and sports, or maybe he won’t want to…) Tell him you saw the information about his auto service business here.

A Poem Lovely as a Tree

Alfred Joyce Kilmer, the author of the poem that begins “I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree…,” was a literary critic, journalist, lecturer, and editor who celebrated the natural world and wrote about his Catholic faith.

In 1917, at age 31, he enlisted in the New York National Guard and was deployed to France to fight in World War I. He was killed by a sniper’s bullet in 1918 at the second battle of the Marne. He had no ties to Monongahela, but a couple of years later, in honor of the valor of many soldiers in the Battles of the Marne in France, what had been Coal Street in Monongahela was renamed Marne Avenue.

Kilmer’s poem was considered serious poetry in its time, but it has a kind of nursery rhyme-like ring, leading it to be parodied by American humorist Ogden Nash who liked to make rhyming quips. In Nash’s “Sound of the Open Road” (published in 1941, in Nash’s book “The Face is Familiar”), his version of Joyce Kilmer’s poem was: “I think that I shall never see / A billboard lovely as a tree. Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, / I’ll never see a tree at all.”

This echoes the same sentiment as the later movement led by Ladybird Johnson (Mrs. Lyndon Baynes Johnson), while her husband was president, to convince Americans to preserve beautiful roadside views rather than littering them with advertising signs. At least we in the Little City have more and more nice-looking trees these days, and very few billboards, especially along Marne Avenue.

Little City Church

Less than two weeks before Fast Lane Auto opened, Little City Church had its first service, on March 19th, at the Historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Building, at 130 West Main Street, under pastor Nina Tidwell. It’s great seeing some life breathed into this beautiful historical component of our business district.

Finleyville Food Pantry

Less than a week after Fast Lane Auto Service opened, the Finleyville Food Pantry finalized a lease to rent the addition on Chess Street behind Rabe’s Trading Post, where Monongahela Ford once had their paint shop.

Welcome to All Three of the Newest

We had three businesses open in the space of 17 days! Amazing. Again, these businesses are listed as numbers 40, 41, and 42 on the list below because we’ve had 42 businesses open just in the West Main Street area since 2016. Add in East Main Street, New Eagle, and Carroll Township, and that number rises to 51.

Meanwhile, the spurt of gaining three more between March 19th and April 5th is just part of a larger trend. We had six other new businesses open between December 15th and March 15th: Mon Valley Outdoors, Tattoos and Treasures (which could be counted as two), Mon City Smoke Shop, Monongahela Mini Mart, and Wool and Wick, all of which are new shops, plus a new location for M&R Chocolates at 1001 West Main.

Had it not been for the water main break flood, the “Ezzy Mart convenience store (which will also be an Indo-Asian Food market) would have been open by now, and work is still underway for M.C. Fashions to open in the Hazzard Building (the building where Just 4 You Cards and Gifts used to be).

If life was easier, wouldn’t we tend toward sloth, arrogance, and self-centeredness? Counting blessings is better.

Tobias Provan

And… They’re Still Coming!!!

It is our understanding that a Domino’s Pizza franchise will locate in the space where Subway used to be, at 243 West Main Street, in the Stratigos Building. And the rumor also is that Beach Club Marina in New Eagle has been sold to someone who plans to open a waterfront restaurant there for walk-in dining trade (not just a club for boat owners).

The Walkability/Bikeability Survey and Map

If you have not done so already, please give us your thoughts on how the City and other governmental units and agencies can improve walkability, bikeability, and accessibility for wheelchairs and other mobility aids and how the City can encourage better use of its excellent public transit systems.

This is for the WalkWorks Active Transportation Planning Project, for which the City was awarded grant money last year to retain consultants. The plan has been underway for almost four months now. The Steering Committee meetings have been an excellent example of how dozens of agencies and interested citizens can interact and inform one another about what needs to be done and what can be done to improve our City.

The Survey can be accessed at: https://tinyurl.com/MonATPSurvey . After completing the Survey, you can open the Interactive Map for the Survey part of the project or open the map here.

Click the image to check out the interactive map. There you can see dozens of suggestions to make walking, biking, wheeling and public transportation easier in Monongahela.

Also, at 11 AM on Monday, April 24th, there will be a special “Focus Group” meeting at the Monongahela Manor High-Rise (next to McDonald’s) to discuss these topics with people who use mobility devices (wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, etc.) and those who serve as helpers or caretakers. Feel free to drop by this meeting if you have thoughts on these specific accessibility issues.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

Helen Keller

Our Motto

Our motto at the Monongahela Main Street Program is: “For a Thriving Downtown and a Fully Engaged Community.”

The motto reflects our Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Goals. Our primary goal is to show how a balanced application of the National Main Street Program’s Four-Point Approach will bring more life and vitality to Downtown Monongahela.

If you are interested in being part of the Monongahela Main Street Program, contact us about what we might all be able to do together at: mainstreet15063@gmail.com

Dine Downtown This Week!!

Check out one of our fine dining establishments in town this weekend. They are there, through the thick and thin of the last two messed up years, because of the loyalty of the people in this community. Join in the effort. Dine, order some delivered food or get some takeout. Check out our restaurant list at the bottom of this page.

Hog Father's interior
Hog Father’s BBQ Restaurant

Restaurant List

Don’t forget to spread your dine-in or takeout business around during this “unprecedented time” in American and worldwide history. Here’s some contact information for some of the restaurants that are open at this time:

  • Sambol’s Bakery & Candy Shop (daily meal specials available till 5 PM or till sold out), 230 West Main Street (724) 250-0100
  • Italian Village Pizza, 169 West Main Street (724) 292-8170
  • Angelo’s II, 111 Third Street (724) 292-8375
  • Di’s Home Town Deli, 218 West Main Street (724) 292-1001
  • Sweets by Mrs. C., Ice Cream and More, 260 West Main Street (724) 292-8392
  • Little City Coffee, 418 West Main Street (724) 258-6285
  • Two and a Fry, 1115 West Main Street (724) 310-3182
  • Hog Fathers Olde-Fashioned Barbecue, 243 East Main Street (Catsburg) (724) 310-3757
  • Lenzi’s Italian Restaurant, 228 Gee Street (just off East Main going east from the Pigeon Creek Bridge, before the first light) (724) 258-9885
  • Detorre’s Pizza, 915 West Main Street (724) 258-3306
  • Eat’N Park, 1250 West Main Street (724) 258-4654
  • Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, 201 West Main Street (724) 258-8358
  • Hills Restaurant, 107 Main Street, New Eagle (724) 258-5422
  • Pizza Station, 187 Chess Street, New Eagle (724) 310-3191
  • Cox Market, deli counter for take-out, 711 Rt.481 (724) 258-4900
  • Ponce’s Place, 715 Rt.481 (Park Avenue Extension/Pigeon Creek Road) (724) 258-6654
  • Pho Valley, 1160 Country Club Road (724) 310-3948
  • Fox’s Pizza Den, 1235 West Main Street (724) 310-2080
  • M&R Chocolates, on Park Avenue at 600D Peno’s Plaza, (412) 927-7372
  • GnG Hoagies Plus, 118 Main Street (412) 969-7744


Leighanna’s Closet 316 W. Main St., Monongahela PA

Here’s my latest list of stores in Monongahela that have been selling clothing, especially those that have been marketing various kinds of clothing fashions:

  1. Uncommonly Beautiful
  2. Sparkles by Shell
  3. Mon Valley Safety Equipment
  4. Bella Bug Bootique (an online shop for now, hoping to reopen in a building later)
  5. Main Street Gypsy
  6. Mon Valley Cycle (mainly apparel for riding a motorcycle)
  7. Alpha Outfitters Equine Supply
  8. Octane Martial Arts (Martial Arts clothing)
  9. City Mission
  10. Dollar General
  11. Family Dollar
  12. Leighanna’s Closet

Store openings

Here’s a list of the 40+ STORES that have opened or are in the process of opening in the Monongahela – New Eagle Main Street area in the last 40 months (this list does not include the ones that opened and closed in that period of which there were at least three or four):

West Main Street, Monongahela

  1. Uncommonly Beautiful gifts, collectibles, art, and vintage clothing/jewelry, 168 West Main Street, since May 2016, (412) 266-6250.
  2. Main Street Barber and Supply – Traditional barbershop and supply dealer for other barbers, since May 2017, recently (summer 2022) switch to by-appointment-only, see: https://moncitybarber.com/ (724)258-4845
  3. The Bubblery Pittsburgh – soap shop with handmade soap, hand sanitizer, lip balm, etc., since Sept. 2018, 218 West Main Street (relocated from 212 West Main in July 2022), (724) 258-2598
  4. Honey Bee Bakery – Baked Goods, 3724 Dry Run Road, (724) 809-3401
  5. Main Street Gypsy – gifts, jewelry, clothing, and furnishings, since May 2019, 219 West Main, (724) 292-8366
  6. Sweets by Mrs. C, Ice Cream and More – also has baked goods and nostalgic candies since Aug 2019, 260 West Main, (724) 292-8392
  7. Alpha Equine (formerly Alpha Outfitters Equine Supply) – Western wear and horseback riding items for the rodeo crowd, since Sept 2019, 168 West Main, (724) 366-0642
  8. Julie’s Hair Haven – haircare by appointment, since Oct 2019, 202½ Fourth Street, (412) 952-5177
  9. Octane Martial Arts – martial arts studio, sports/athletic training, and pro-shop selling related clothing, since Oct 2019, (724) 310-2090
  10. Bella Bug Bootique – casual clothing and costume jewelry, since Nov 2019, 416 West Main. (The storefront locations have closed, but the business remains very active online), contact Kate Runac, owner, through the Bella Bug Bootique Facebook page, by email at bellabugbootique@gmail.com, or just drop by to visit during the day, next to Little City Coffee.
  11. Di’s Home Town Deli – deli meats, chicken salad, egg salad, lunch specials, etc., since Dec 2019, 218 West Main, (724) 292-1001
  12. Busta Suds Laundromat – laundromat (behind Two-and-a-Fry Hotdog place), since Dec 2019, c/o Two-and-a-Fry Hotdogs, 1115 West Main, (724) 310-3182
  13. Sambol’s Bakery – baked goods, cookies, lunch specials, since May 2020, 230 West Main, (724) 250-0100
  14. Candelore’s Barking Beauties – dog grooming salon, since July 2020, 111 West Main, (724) 292-8360
  15. CPDC Chiropractic – Dr. Christa Peifer, Chiropractor, since October 2020, 314 West Main, (412) 953-3103
  16. Santa’s Secret Shoppe – Christmas decorations, other holiday season items, and plenty of small gifts, since October 2020 (open seasonally, which means now), 211 Second Street, (724) 554-3514
  17. Chloe and Me Candles – handcrafted candles and similar items, since November 2020, 205 West Main, (724) 298-8696
  18. Rocky Top Photo Op – settings for photography shoots at the Gottselig farm at the top of Ridge Avenue in the First Ward, the only farm located within our City Limits, a family farm where you can come and take your own photos – they have a wide variety of unique props for all seasons, since December 2020, Contact them (Judy Lovell) through Facebook
  19. The Dog Emporium/Sit-Up Doggie Treats – gift shop for dogs, locally baked treats and dog biscuits baked by the shop owner at his other facility (the business has gone online for now), (724) 258-7297
  20. Dusty’s Discounts – household items and gadgets, Kitchen-Aid mixers, umbrellas, etc., since March 2021, Yohe Building, Corner of West Main and Fourth Streets, contact Dusty Bradshaw Aldous via Facebook / Messenger, or at (724) 787-1516
  21. Red Boot Home – decorative household items, from throw pillows to sine bottle stoppers, since March 2021, located within Red Boot Antiques, Jessica Homa, contact Marcia Homa or Jessica Homa at Red Boot Antiques, 905 West Main Street, (724) 884-7509
  22. Noel’s Primitives and Gifts – Antiques, primitives, handcrafted items/art, and décor items, 202 West Main Street, (724) 825-9525
  23. Aanarchy Ink – tattoos, since April 2021, 202 West Main Street Suite B, (724) 610-8460.
  24. Fox’s Pizza Den, since May 2021, 1235 West Main Street. (724) 310-2080
  25. City Mission Thrift Store – since July 2021, 211 West Main Street. (724) 292-8377
  26. Venom Vapes (formerly Dubtown Vapes) – since July 2021, 1235 West Main Street, (724) 292-8060
  27. The Orangery (salon, by Felicity Frace) since September 2020, 105 West Main Street (lower level of Main Street Barber), (724) 255-3180.
  28. Mon Valley Alliance offices and Business Resource Center, since November 2021, 235 West Main Street, (Ben Brown, CEO) (724) 565-5636
  29. Polished Aesthetics (Jamie Varley, CRNP, aesthetician), since December 2020, 105 West Main Street (lower level of Main Street Barber), (724) 518-4843.
  30. Dis-OR-Dat, to be in with Bartman Plumbing next to DeVore Hardware, 443 West Main Street, (724) 350-2092, since January 2022.
  31. Dead Head Wine Bar, weekend music venue and winery, 300 Second Street (former Bebout and Yohe Funeral Home building, corner of Second Street and Chess Street), public music venue since May 2022; contact Mike Kisling at (724) 292-8260
  32. Leighanna’s Closet, a new “Baby and Children’s Clothing” retail shop, since June 2022, 316 West Main Street (the old Polaski’s News Stand space next to Key Bank, more recently occupied by Sen. Camera Bartolotta’s office), online at: https://leighannascloset.com/ and Facebook, 724-292-8945
  33. Craft “D” Owl, LLC, crafts / gift items, and meeting venue available for rent, since October 2022, 509 West Main Street (former Goody Two-Shoes space), (724) 986-3287.
  34. Mon Valley Outdoors, 234 West Main Street, since December 2023, (724) 469-2142
  35. Treasures & Tattoos (Rustic Home Treasures – party goods, rustic household décor, and T. Lewis Tattoos, tattoos, and paintings), 214 West Main Street
  36. Mon City Smoke Shop, 212 West Main Street (tobacconist, convenience items, notions) (watch here for more details)
  37. Monongahela Mini Mart, 310 West Main Street (watch here for more details)
  38. M&R Chocolates, 1001 West Main Street, since January 2022 (and at 1001 West Main since January 2023) (412) 927-7372
  39. Wool and Wick, knitted goods made by hand by the store owner, scented soy candles made by the store owner, curated “unusual” greeting cards, cork leather purses, costume jewelry, fun stickers, etc., 416 West Main Street, since March 2023, (412) 582-0919
  40. Little City Church (non-denominational), in the Historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Building, Pastor Nina Tidwell, since March 19th, 2023, 130 West Main Street, +1 (386) 308-1533.
  41. Fast Lane Auto, Ermin Mesanovich, owner/operator, since April 1st, 2023, 1237 West Main Street (behind LaVie Nails, in the same plaza as Fox’s Pizza and Dollar General), (412) 689-8217.
  42. Finleyville Food Pantry, since April 5th, 2023, open 9 AM to 3 PM Wednesdays for donations, distributions on Saturdays, 9 AM to noon, 406 Chess Street, (412) 566-7300.


  1. Hog Fathers Olde Fashioned Barbecue – restaurant and bar, since 20 Jan 2020, 243 East Main Street (Catsburg), (724) 310-3757
  2. DW Auto (formerly Sal’s Quality Auto Care) – auto detailing and repairs, since May 2020, 130 East Main Street, (724) 310-2038 – Reopened recently under a new name and with more emphasis on mechanical repairs.

New Eagle

  1. Industrial Farmhouse Living – home décor, repurposed found objects, since Jan 2019, 144 Main Street, New Eagle, (724) 565-4447
  2. Full Circle Glass & Door Service – glass installer, since Aug 2019, 102 Main Street, New Eagle, (724) 998-7437
  3. Allegheny Pest Control, since June 2020, 133 Main Street, New Eagle, (800) 6082847
  4. JMS Photography, in business since 2017, began moving into this location around December 2020, owner Jenna (Quattrone) Sluk, 139 Chess Street, New Eagle, (724) 263-1323
  5. GnG Hoagies Plus, since April 2022, 118 Main Street (412) 969-7744

Carroll Twp. (Fourth St. Extension)

  1. Family Tent Rental, since April 2022, 610 Fourth Street (Clearview section of Fourth Street Extension in Carroll Township), (412) 853-5832
  2. Mattress by Appointment (as the name suggests), since July 2022, 1610 Fourth Street Extension, online at: http://mattressbyappointment.com/locations/pa/monongahela/ , (724) 518-0905


  1. Ezzy Mart (groceries and Indo-Asian specialty foods), 406 West Main Street
  2. M.C. Fashions, 238 West Main Street
  3. Brewery and Barbecue Restaurant, riverfront location at the foot of Sixth Street behind First Baptist Church, by the owners of the former Fourth Street Barbecue and Four Point Brewery in Charleroi, under construction.
    And some other surprises are still brewing!

Mmsp Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors of the Monongahela Main Street Program:

  • Tobias Provan, President
  • Janet Roslund, Vice President
  • Walter Seal, Treasurer
  • Dan Tregembo, Secretary
  • Jimmy Braum
  • Ken Kulak
  • Amy Leavor
  • Dorothea Pemberton
  • Karen Langol
  • Bonnie Brand
  • Tammy Henson
  • Chris Grilli (Advisory Committee)
  • Paula Pro (Advisory Committee)
  • Scott Frederick (Advisory Committee)
  • Non-Voting: Terry Necciai, Exec.Dir.

WE HAVE A WONDERFUL CITY! Terry A. Necciai, RA, Exec.Dir., MMSP

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