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STUDENTS, SCOUTS, INTERACT Members, 4-H-ers, HOMESCHOOLERS, and Parents, …plus Pumpkin Carving FANATICS, people who like the color ORANGE, and Peter-Peter-PUMPKIN EATERS**, in Mon City and everywhere:

Tomorrow (Saturday, October 21st), at 2PM, will be our second annual “Pumpkin Carving Party” at the Community Room of Monongahela Area Library to prepare for this year’s “Avenue of the Hanging Jack-O-Lanterns” projects. If you can come and carve a pumpkin or two, Please Do.

The pumpkins will be carved into jack-o-lanterns with themes representing our town, and they will be hung Monday morning from the wooden telephone poles along West Main Street from City Hall to the Library. We will have over 30 pumpkins to carve. They will be lit with battery-powered lights in time for Wednesday’s Halloween Parade and will remain lit for about 10 days. This part of West Main Street centers on Chess Park where the parade will form Wednesday at 6PM.

If anyone wants to come tomorrow at 3PM, instead of 2PM, that would be great, too — you could be our “second shift.”

Just send us an email and let us know if you think you can come, and what time you think you would come.

Terry Necciai, Executive Director
Monongahela Main Street Program

“Peter-Peter-Pumpkin Eater” was some guy with a wife that cost him way too much money. So he carved up a jack-o-lantern, ate the seeds, made some pie for dinner, and then put her in there. And he hung the thing on a pole on West Main Street last year along the route for the parade. Monongahela has been holding the best Halloween parade anywhere for at least 60 years. Just because there’s a school strike, that doesn’t mean you should ignore history, …or miss out on the fun.

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