Sam and Sue of Sam’s Gyros

Today is Friday (and the 13th, no less). Although the Farmer’s Market season has passed as of two weeks ago, Sam’s Gyros continues to set up shop each Friday afternoon between 1PM and 6PM at the parking lot of Lignelli Real Estate, at Seventh and West Main Streets. We thank Rick Lignelli (and staff) for making this possible for Sam and Sue and their many patrons in our community. Our Main Street Program assisted (with the help of several others) in working out the arrangements for the gyro stand to stay beyond the farmers’ market season. They will be there as long as the weather holds out and the customers keep coming, and even after that, they may be back again in March or April.

[When you stop by, tell Sam and Sue that Terry sent you!]

And after you’ve eaten your gyro, don’t forget that tonight is Game Night at Little City Coffee.

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