Property Record

Below is a link to the Washington County property record where you will find information such as:

  • owner name
  • owner address
  • property address
  • parcel number
  • current assessed values
  • sale information
  • year built
  • plan view diagram (“sketch”)
  • square footage of the building
  • information about detached structures (if any)
  • photos
  • a birdseye view of the building with an outline of the parcel boundary.

Please note this disclaimer from the county website regarding online property records:

Here, you’ll be able to search property and sales data contained on Washington County’s tax roll.  We have done our best to ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date data is available to you, but please note that the data contained on this website is not guaranteed or warrantied in any way.

View Property Record

The data contained on this site is intended for information purposes only. It is based on the best information available at the time of posting and is not warranted. The data may not reflect the most current records.

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