parmesan shrimp pasta
Lenzi’s Parmesan Cream Pasta with grilled shrimp

Is your stomach growling or grumbling? Don’t ignore it. It’s a serious symptom, and it needs to be addressed immediately. It’s a condition called Monongahela-hunger-itis. Don’t call a doctor yet, though. Call your favorite restaurant and get yourself some takeout on order or get yourself downtown to order or dine in person. Piles and piles of food are awaiting you. You can dine in now, in warm cozy places, or take it back to your warm cozy home. Just don’t starve that hungry monster within you, the one you know is there when it starts to growl.
We have 15 great places to eat either downtown or almost downtown!
Gyros until about 6PM at the Dierkens Pharmacy Parking Lot, Main Street at Park Avenue.


Did you see that the awning cover is down at Rabe’s Trading Post. Watch for the new one to appear in just a few days.
Have you seen the Valentine’s Day decorations in our downtown planter boxes. Many thanks to our flower planting team.
It’s a time of transition. Lots of things are underway, but most are not yet ready to be reported. We’ll all watch closely together to see how it all turns out.
We will be taking down the artwork by Helen Putnak Kish tomorrow at the Monongahela Main Street Program’s storefront Fine Arts Gallery, 221 West Main. Be sure to drop by to see it before it’s too late if you haven’t seen it yet. The display is beautifully lit at night. You don’t go inside – you walk into a 15-foot-deep recess, sheltered from the snow, and rain, and wind, and sun, and study the art on display on either side of you.
New flooring is being installed at the new Dog Emporium space at 310 West Main Street, and the shop will be open for walk-in trade soon. This store was located in New Eagle at the bottom of Sycamore Street (the old Cost Pharmacy location) for the last 12 months, but the owner has decided to move into downtown Monongahela because that’s where the action is. Rich, the owner sells dog treats and toys. He makes his own dog treats at a bakery facility in Donora. He can make a big dog treat for you in the form of a birthday cake, and Fido’s name can be right there in pink icing if you like.
Two other store spaces are being prepared to open soon, plus the wine pub that is coming by mid-June, and a couple of others not quite ready yet to be announced. Have you noticed that a couple of downtown businesses have been expanding into neighboring space? More on that later.
Terry A. Necciai, RA, Exec.Dir., MMSP
The current Board of Directors of the Monongahela Main Street Program is as follows:
Dorothea Pemberton, President
Tobias Provan, Vice President
Walter Seal, Treasurer
Dan Tregembo, Secretary
Jimmy Braum
Scott Frederick
Chris Grilli
Ken Kulak
Amy Leavor
Paula Pro
Janet Roslund
Non-Voting: Terry Necciai, Exec.Dir.


Industrial Farmhouse Living
Industrial Farmhouse Living – Home Decor. Main St., New Eagle.

Here’s a list of the 20 stores that have opened in the Monongahela – New Eagle Main Street area in the last two years (be sure to check out the screen capture photos I made from a whole bunch of their Facebook pages to get a feel for what’s what):

  1. Bubblery Pittsburgh – soap shop with handmade soap, hand sanitizer, lip balm, etc., since Sept. 2018, 212 West Main, (724) 258-2598
  2. Cedarwood Insurance Options – Anthony Bottino III, insurance broker (upstairs from Bottino Financial/Allstate Insurance), since Nov 2018, 442 West Main, (724) 310-3695
  3. LuLaRoe by Amber Smittle – casual clothing, open by appointment, since Nov 2018, West Main Street at Fourth Street, (724) 678-3913
  4. Main Street Gypsy – gifts, jewelry, clothing, and furnishings, since May 2019, 219 West Main, (724) 292-8366
  5. Sweets by Mrs. C, Ice Cream and More – also has baked goods and nostalgic candies, since Aug 2019, 260 West Main, (724) 292-8392
  6. Alpha Outfitters Equestrian Supply – Western-wear and horseback riding items for the rodeo crowd, since Sept 2019, 168 West Main, (724) 366-0642
  7. Julie’s Hair Haven – haircare by appointment, since Oct 2019, 202½ Fourth Street, (412) 952-5177
  8. The Potter’s House – event facility, since Oct 2019, 234 West Main, (724) 219-3290
  9. Bella Bug Bootique – casual clothing and costume jewelry, since Nov 2019, 1001 West Main. (The storefront location has closed for now, but the business is still very active online)
  10. Di’s Home Town Deli – deli meats, chicken salad, egg salad, lunch specials, etc., since Dec 2019, 218 West Main, (724) 292-1001
  11. Busta Suds Laundromat – laundromat (behind Two-and-a-Fry Hotdog place), since Dec 2019, c/o Two-and-a-Fry Hotdogs, 1115 West Main, (724) 310-3182
  12. The Compound Steel City – youth center for training in sports like wrestling, weight lifting, cheerleading, etc., since Jan 2020, 121 Railroad Street, (724) 426-6768
  13. Sambol’s Bakery – baked goods, cookies, lunch specials, since May 2020, 230 West Main, (724) 250-0100
  14. Candelore’s Barking Beauties – dog grooming salon, since July 2020, 111 West Main, (724) 292-8360
  15. Mon Valley Photo – photography, photo restoration, transfer of video cartridges to digital, antique cameras, since July 2020, 416 West Main, (724) 292-8415
  16. CPC Chiropractic – Dr. Christa Peifer, Chiropractor, since October 2020, 314 West Main, (412) 953-3103
  17. Santa’s Secret Shoppe – Christmas decorations, other holiday season items, and plenty of small gifts, since October 2020, 211 Second Street, (724) 554-3514
  18. Chloe and Me Candles – handcrafted candles and similar items, about to open in November 2020, 205 West Main (further details to be announced soon)
  19. Hog Fathers Olde Fashioned Barbecue – restaurant and bar, since 20 Jan 2020, 243 East Main Street (Catsburg), (724) 310-3757
  20. Sal’s Quality Auto Care – auto detailing and repairs, since May 2020, 130 East Main Street, (724) 310-2038
  21. Industrial Farmhouse Living – home décor, repurposed found objects, since Jan 2019, 144 Main Street, New Eagle, (724) 565-4447
  22. Full Circle Glass & Door Service – glass installer, since Aug 2019, 102 Main Street, New Eagle, (724) 998-7437
  23. The Dog Emporium/Sit-Up Doggie Treats – gift shop for dogs, locally baked treats and dog biscuits baked by the shop owner at his other facility, since Feb 2020, 118 Main Street, New Eagle, (724) 258-7297 (In the process of moving to 310 West Main Street, “downtown.”)


Hog Father's interior
Hog Father’s BBQ Restaurant

Don’t forget to spread your dine-in or takeout business around during this “unprecedented time” in American and worldwide history. Here’s some contact information for some of the restaurants that are open at this time:

Italian Village Pizza, 169 West Main Street
(724) 292-8170
Angelo’s II, 111 Third Street
(724) 292-8375
Di’s Home Town Deli, 218 West Main Street
(724) 292-1001
Sweets by Mrs. C., Ice Cream and More, 260 West Main Street
(724) 292-8392
Little City Coffee, 418 West Main Street
(724) 258-6285
Two and a Fry, 1115 West Main Street
(724) 310-3182
Hog Fathers Olde-Fashioned Barbecue, 243 East Main Street (Catsburg)
(724) 310-3757
Lenzi’s Italian Restaurant, 228 Gee Street (just off East Main going east from the Pigeon Creek Bridge, before the first light)
(724) 258-9885
Detorre’s Pizza, 915 West Main Street
(724) 258-3306
Eat’N Park, 1250 West Main Street
(724) 258-4654
Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, 201 West Main Street
(724) 258-8358
Hills Restaurant, 107 Main Street, New Eagle
(724) 258-5422
Pizza Station, 187 Chess Street, New Eagle
(724) 310-3191
Cox Market, deli counter for take-out, 711 Rt.481
(724) 258-4900
Ponce’s Place, 715 Rt.481 (Park Avenue Extension/Pigeon Creek Road)
(724) 258-6654
Pho Valley, 1160 Country Club Road
(724) 310-3948


Main Street Gypsy, Main St., Monongahela

Here’s my latest list of stores in Monongahela that have been selling clothing, especially those that have been marketing various kinds of clothing fashions:

  1. Sparkles by Shell
  2. Mon Valley Safety Equipment
  3. Bella Bug Bootique
  4. LuLaRoe by Amber Smittle
  5. Just 4 You Gifts and Cards
  6. Main Street Gypsy
  7. Di’s Home Town Deli
  8. The Bubblery Pittsburgh (children’s consignment in the back room)
  9. Alpha Outfitters Equine Supply
  10. Uncommonly Beautiful
  11. Dollar General
  12. Family Dollar

We Have a Wonderful City!

Terry A. Necciai, RA, Executive Director
Monongahela Main Street Program

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