There is an important event coming up December 6th, 7PM at the Monongahela Fire Department Social Hall.

It’s a presentation and public meeting about creative ideas that we might pursue to better connect our Main Street business corridor to the riverfront and Aquatorium. A landscape architecture firm, Klavon Associates, has been developing these creative concepts, not a plan for implementation yet, but a dynamic presentation of a wide spectrum of ideas that we as community members can choose from as a starting point to develop new ways to connect these two important parts of our community.

For instance, there could be an arch over the entrance to the Aquatorium with the name in big bold letters, specifically designed to be seen by people stopped at the light at Second Street as well as those traveling along Railroad Street. There could be painted crosswalks at the West Main Street intersections near the Aquatorium with water themes worked into them, like graphics of waves or fish.

The project is funded through the Design Center of Pittsburgh, as part of a larger initiative by the Mon River Towns Program.  The meeting is free and open to all who are interested. Please come and give us your two cents worth.

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